Status Update

It has come to my attention recently that I haven’t posted in a while, so I just wanted to confirm that.

A lack of motivation to write, coupled with a lack of fishing to write about, has simply added up to me being a worthless turd of a blogger.

Maybe I’ll remedy that sooner than later.

Meanwhile here’s a photo of a nice Idaho cutthroat from last July.

Idaho trout.

Idaho trout.



  1. Andy

    Please post a pic of your new lime bike

    • Kirk Werner

      Let me make a quick trip to the Socialist State of Seattle. Be right back…

  2. brandon tisherman

    “a worthless turd of a blogger”….now that’s great writing! Well worth the wait.


    • Kirk Werner

      I find honesty is therapeutic. It reduces speculation.

  3. Kevin Breen

    Great blog..totally representative of my recent lack of
    Fishing motivation…

    • Kirk Werner

      At least you fished recently in the state of Warshington. Me, I haven’t fished since July. Not much to say about THAT!

      • Kevin Breen

        First steelhead trip since I was about 15..and back then I was chucking Mepps Spinners with treble hooks! And to be fishing with my brother…whoa! And we both caught Steelhead and like my brother said after catching his 8lb hen, some small 20”+ Rainbows…

  4. Jack Wallingford

    Dear UA, enjoyed seeing that picture of your new mustache. I would like to say that I missed your repartee online, but when I look back, I didn’t. No hurt intended. But your once humorous, pithy piscatorial passages gave way to a steaming cauldron of vitriol, or more apropos, a plethora of apathy. Perhaps this message will find you well, or not, but Jesus Christ man, don’t give up.

    • Kirk Werner

      Vitriol? If that’s a type of medication for creative blockage, you may be write.

  5. Andrew Roth

    Dear Turd Blogger
    You don’t know it yet but the UA may be on the verge of passionate innovative creation in fly fishing blogging……… again.
    According to your archive, after almost 10 years of providing interesting, funny, cutting edge, informative, unique, uplifting, politically correct or incorrect, shocking, generous and insightful content-You are pooped out. Perhaps you are struggling with a small amount(#24 zebra midge) of guilt because you invited us for a float down the river and now have jumped ship leaving us without oars. Maybe you are at the South fork of the Snake River of life, looking for the main flow and getting stuck in irrigation ditches. Maybe life has just taken a new path. Regardless, this is normal turd blogger behavior…..I think. Not sure this phenomenon has not been studied yet. It is kind of like the effects of drinking DEET that is starting to show up in our water or maybe eating cereal with Round-up in it. It is too new, no data yet.

    Recently, because of your non-posting prowess, have you received comments like this from

    blog post every half year are killer
    thanks for the sage info
    swing not watch
    Are you tired of getting 19 emails a day from guys like Ronald Mink, asking
    “Are you getting the most out of your site? Is your site generating enough traffic? Are you satisfied with the amount of business that your website is making?” “I am reaching out to you because I am a skilled site optimizer.”? I am pretty sure dick deep pisses you off, and really, you could care less about Ronald or Tina or Sivam from India or the whole lot of frigginoptimizers.
    Anyhow, if you’re looking for something to do, rekindle that fire, you may have stumbled upon something. With your far reaching connections and talents, you could create a new, interesting logo for Turd Blogger. Create a mission statement. Gather 12 fly fishing personalities all being afflicted with this turd-like behavior to each write 1 blog post a year. This would be less blogging for the UA and still enable you to keep your foot in the door in a professional manner. The syndrome is out there. Seemed like a cry for help. Just sayin.
    Sorry for the length. Approve this comment or not. Just needed to write a bit.

    • Kirk Werner

      I almost didn’t approve your comment (to save on server space) but then I decided against not approving it. I’m not comfortable with the level of power to determine the fate of comments. Your Turd Blogger concept is interesting and has me thinking already… Turd Blogger: A Blog for Burned Out Bloggers. No need to reinvent the wheel, the Poop Emoji can serve as the logo. Hmmm…

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