Separated at Birth?


Top: That guy from A River Runs Through It; Bottom: Some Bubblegum Pop Star.

Is it just me, or is the resemblance uncanny? Maybe it’s the fish in the photos that’s influencing my perception.


  1. Sanders

    So that “Benjamin Buttons” movie was real…Brad Pitt is getting younger!

    • Kirk Werner

      Excellent recall, Sanders–you are very astute. Still, I feel bad for having wasted your time with this.

  2. Tim Foster

    Very nice example of the downfall of the young American man.

    • Kirk Werner

      Isn’t that the truth, Tim? I fully accept that there will always be generation gaps, and disapproval over tastes in music, etc. I try to keep my mind open about such matters, but come on–Justin Bieber? He isn’t even a talented singer from what I can tell. And he needs a haircut. Or were we talking about Brad Pitt?

      • Tim Foster

        Definitely talking about Bieber. At least Brad Pitt emulates manly men, be it acting or not. And I wholeheartedly agree with you about generation gaps, but it really is just plain sad.

        • Kirk Werner

          Clearly if he had a mentor in his life that took him outside into the woods and taught him to fish, none of this would have happened.

  3. cofisher

    You know, this would have been a lot funnier if you would have had a picture of me and a picture of Brad…just sayin’.

    • Kirk Werner

      Be careful what you wish for, Howard…

  4. Brian Schiele

    You are a comedic genius! Where do you come up with this! Thanks for the laugh Kirk!

    • Kirk Werner

      Brian, you give me WAY too much credit.

  5. Quill Gordon

    It’s only November! I can’t wait to see what you have to offer during the dark depths of winter, when the Shack Nasties really set in!

    • Kirk Werner

      The best thing that could, and may likely happen, would be for me to be incapable of using my hands to access the computer. A straight jacket will remedy that.

  6. Chuck

    I heard a joke about being born old and getting younger every day. Ya get younger and stronger everyday….eventually your to young to work …… all ya do is play until ya become a baby and everybody loves ya no matter what …eventually you enter the womb and ultimately your life ends with an orgasm!

    • Kirk Werner

      Looking forward to that!

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