Separated at Birth, 2?


A while back I was struck by a certain resemblance between pop music fad Justin Bieber and a much younger Brad Pitt. I posted about it in an entry titled, Separated at Birth. My thought was to turn the idea into a series, whereby I would discover uncanny resemblances between fly fishing personalities and their more famous Hollywood counterparts (you’ll have to give me a little leeway with the whole Brad Pitt thing—he’s not exactly a fly fishing personality, although he did star in A River Runs Through It).

Recently I was reading the latest “20 Questions” over at Eat More Brook Trout, in which Chris Hunt interviews Trout Underground founding father, Tom Chandler. Before I’d read further than:

“Tom Chandler is, if nothing else…”

It hit me, like a brick upside the head:

Tom Chandler is, if nothing else, Robin William’s much younger identical brother. And word has it they’re both fly fishermen.

One of these is Tom Chandler.



  1. cofisher

    Funny, I always thought he was taller.

    • Kirk Werner

      He is taller. Wait, who? I’m so confused.

  2. TC/The Trout Underground

    You’ve uncovered our Dark Family Secret; I’m Robin Williams’ less-successful, not-very-funny, less-pretty-but-able-to-keep-my-hands-of-the-nanny brother.

    I did get the high nasal voice that thieving comedic bastard stole for his Mork character).

    In other words, I’m Robin Williams Lite.

    • Kirk Werner

      I hope, by letting the cat out of the bag, I didn’t inadvertently create a life of problems for you.

      After all, you moved to the country to get away from the paparazzi, right?

      Na-Nu Na-Nu.

  3. JP2

    ….Rode Hard,Put Away Wet….just sayin’…..

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