Rugged Eddie Bauer Man

As I pack the last of the things for my trip to Montana and Idaho, hoping that I remember the critical items before getting there, I wanted to leave my 8 loyal followers with one last, worthless post.  If for some reason I don’t return, I want to be remembered for having left you all with a blog entry that is so unworthy of your time that it’s not even deserving of a “Weekly Drivel®” designation (and thus is appropriately filed away under the category of “Pointless Wastes of Your Time”). I should probably have deleted this before ever publishing it, but hey–a guy needs traffic for his Google Analytics, right? That, and I like to keep the SPAMMERS employed.

Eddie Bauer, the rugged man

Eddie Bauer wasn’t always just a clothing retailer. Seriously. My first fly rod was made by Eddie Bauer, back in the days when you could actually buy outdoor recreation gear at the one Eddie Bauer store in Seattle. Back in the mid 70’s I had a backpacking tent made by Eddie Bauer, and down jackets and sleeping bags filled with Premium Eddie Bauer Goose Down were the shit–the seriously good stuff (which I never had because I was allergic to down). You see, Eddie Bauer (the man) was an avid outdoorsman, and the company reflected that passion. I won’t go into detail about him here because I don’t know much about him other than what is provided on several websites. Suffice it to say Eddie Bauer was serious about his love of the outdoors: he was an avid hunter and fisherman and it would appear that he was a fly fisherman as well because he sold trout flies and made fly rods. He also sold tennis racquets and badminton shuttlecocks. Hey, he wasn’t perfect – nobody is. At least he didn’t sell golf equipment. While an article int he latest Angling Trade talks about the similarities between golf and fly fishing that provide potential new ventures for the fly fishing industry, I prefer not to recommend hybridization. But I digress.

In the many decades that have passed since Eddie Bauer (the man) sold his company, Eddie Bauer (the company) has wandered farther from its roots and has become synonymous with clothing. While a far cry from the outdoor industry that gave rise to the success of the brand, the company is holding onto the proud, rugged history of Eddie Bauer as evidenced by its summer catalog Summer Resource Book. Gracing the pages inside you’ll find Rugged Eddie Bauer Man. And he is just that: rugged.

Here he can be seen climbing the mast of a sailing vessel, holding on with one hand while he looks down with contempt toward his undisciplined crew. Clearly he is a man of few words, and even less humor.

And why shouldn’t he be? Afterall, there is nothing funny about carrying a large cargo net and a gasoline can, and getting your new shirt covered with grease and grime. It’s serious work. It calls for a serious man. A rugged man.

Here, Rugged Eddie Bauer Man can be seen looking at a thick rope. He appears lost in thought, as if deeply troubled. If he were to speak, one could imagine the few words, “Who the hell tied this knot?”

But lest one should think that Rugged Eddie Bauer Man is all work and no play, we see him here–embarking on a recreational endeavor. His face still wears the stern expresson of a humorless man, but he does seem a bit more relaxed.

But no matter what he’s doing, Rugged Eddie Bauer Man does it with serious conviction. Maybe serious is the only way he can be. And we wouldn’t want it any other way, would we?

We can only assume that like Eddie Bauer, Rugged Eddie Bauer Man is also a fly fisherman. And a seriously good golfer, too.

The rugged Eddie Bauer Man


You have my apologies for this blog entry.


  1. cofisher

    No need to apologize Kirk, this was a step up from most. We love to hate the Rugged Eddie Bauer Man. I think he’s…well, you know…a bait fisherman.

  2. Sanders

    well…I hope this post inspired you to pack some nice chino’s and some thinking rope…

  3. Mrs UA

    So…I guess I’ll return your shirts….

  4. Harry

    Well, you certainly accomplished your goal with that one!

  5. JGR

    Hahaha, that’s hilarious! I totally agree, I remember when Eddie Bauer really DID make great stuff. I tell teenagers now and they don’t believe it. Now it’s all overpriced imported crap. But other than that, hilarious captions.

  6. Chuck

    Mr’ Bauer has not fallen nearly as far as Abercrombie and Fitch! Look at that company now! Geeeeeezzzzzzzzz, they are the epitome of style over substance! I guess that makes them very American these days! Just look at the clowns running for President! And some people think they are just great cause they look good! All ya gotta do is look good….. say ya love Jesus ………. spew some hollow patriotism …….and you will have a huge following! I bet Sarah Palin will have her own clothes line soon – I’m thinkin a lot of hunting gear for people who don’t really hunt…….kinda like all the crap Orvis makes!

  7. David G

    Kirk! I’ve been missing these posts that seem random yet somehow you tie them into fishing. I thought the eddie bauer socks made me a more rugged man… They really didn’t.

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