Read it and weep. Or better yet, do something about it!

In recent posts I made mention of our Puget Sound rivers closing to winter steelhead fishing early. Well, that’s not the half of it. After you read this, consider joining the Wild Steelhead Coalition. You don’t have to be an angler for this to concern you.



  1. Randy

    This is a farce! Apparently there is a lack of research, or a lack of fishing these rivers or there is motive for posting such scare tactics. We who are out there, looking at hundreds of fish laying in one hole see a different picture. Granted the numbers are not what we would like to see, but they are actually better than this flyer exclaims.

    During a creel check on the Sol Duc conducted during the last four days of February 2010, 78 anglers reported catching 74 wild steelhead (and releasing 64 of them) along with 13 hatchery fish (and releasing four of those).

    On the Calawah, 21 anglers reported catching 22 wild fish and releasing 19.

    This data suggests a much different picture. Since 20% of anglers catch 80% of the fish, if 200 anglers were to be surveyed, they would report 160 fish caught with 140 released (give or take). Considering that most anglers lack the basic knowledge it takes to actually hook one of these fish, these numbers do not align with the data this monetary seeking group provides.

    I am all for rehabilitation and conservation and supporting those who make these efforts. I am not, however, in alignment with those seeking support with inaccurate data. To me, that is just dishonest. And dishonest people do not do well at any pastime, hobby, activity, or life in general. This is not politics, it is a heritage which requires honor and good intentions to prevail within.

    • admin

      Thanks for chiming in with your thoughts and insight, Randy. I’ll admit that I don’t know what the actual research supports. I do know, however, that something needs to be done on a much larger scale than closing rivers early to C&R fishing. The OP rivers may also be in better shape than the Puget Sound Rivers- in fact that clearly seems to be the case.

  2. Wayne

    Quote: I am not, however, in alignment with those seeking support with inaccurate data.

    Skagit and Sauk – closed the last two seasons
    Skykomish – closed for the past 9 years
    Stilliguamish – closed, can’t even remember how many years
    Nooksack – closed

    This is your future my friend. Good luck!

  3. Evan

    What exact statistics here are you saying are a farce? Each and every one of those statistics is very easy to back up. Are you saying that we need to wait until every last steelhead system is depleted before we take action? The point of this flyer is that there are multiple systems that are in bad, bad shape; to the point that recreational fishing is no longer supported. To say that is inaccurate or a farce is pretty damn ignorant in my book.

  4. Rich Simms

    Randy, The information is the flyer is true and has data to back up each one of the points. Which point do think is inaccurate? These are not scare tactics, but the reality in our wild steelhead world as a sampling to drive home a point for those of us who may have been asleep at the wheel.

    Monetary seeking? For the record the WSC’s board and members are all volunteers.

    It doesn’t matter to me if you support the organization as long as you are willing to do something for wild steelhead.

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