Matt Heron, Accomplished Angler


One thing you’ll never see posted on this website is a video like this.

Matt Heron Reels in a Gigantic Brown Trout from Filmed In Tahoe on Vimeo.

Let me rephrase that: One thing you’ll never see posted on this website is a video like this, of the Unaccomplished Angler.

This amazing 30 inch brown was caught near Lake Tahoe by Matt Heron of Matt Heron Fly Fishing. If I’m ever in the Lake Tahoe area you can bet I’m going to hook up with Matt and request that he take me to this river and show me where this fish lives. I won’t catch it, so there won’t be any video, which is why you should watch this one.




  1. Clif

    1. with a net like that, someone was perhaps anticipating large feesh.
    2. bonus points for tackling the fish like Michael Strahan

    • Kirk Werner

      I think he definitely was targeting a large brown troot, but once hooked, he acknowledge that it was bigger than he thought. That rarely never happens to me.

  2. chuck

    The camera from the weeds shot is suspicious! It reveals a level preparation! He had to know the fish was there. I’m thinkin it was spawning but it doesn’t look like fall. All I know is the only time a big lake run fish is in skinny water in a tributary is when it’s spawning! A fish that big does not hold in water that skinny – particularly a Brown! Somethin ain’t right there!


    • Kirk Werner

      I’m not gonna speculate. Rather, I shall just enjoy it for what it is: an amazing fish, the likes of which I will never catch!

  3. chuck

    Well comments have been removed from Vimeo on this because he was getting so much flack for it! So yeah …..I would not spend much time admiring the rape and pillage of that fish! I would aspire to much higher expectations! We fish for giant lake run browns but we don’t yank them off the gravel. WE look for males that are movin up and fighting them we swing big streamers in front of them! WE never target females near gravel. We release all fish! Even then I do not consider it the most noble of pursuits! Having said that….any steelhead or lake run brown in a river is at some stage of the spawning process.

  4. Fishing Bamboo

    It does seem suspicious, but when trout get that big, they don’t really hide as they don’t worry about birds anymore. That Brown is a freight train, normally only see them that big deep in a lake. I caught one once close to that size at the gorge in Utah. But that was over 20 years ago with traditional gear. I did release it.

    • Kirk Werner

      Thanks for commenting, Bamboo. I’ve never seen a brown that big, so all I can say is “cool”.

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