Left, no – right. No, left…ah $#&%!

We’ve all either sat idly by while someone else did it, or we’ve done it ourselves. You know, struggled like an imbecile on the boat ramp trying to keep the trailer on the ramp and eventually to get the boat in the water, where it belongs. Once you get the hang of the whole mirror image thing it’s pretty easy, but  it can be frustrating (and a source of great amusement when it’s not you behind the wheel). Sometime just for giggles, grab a cooler of your favorite Professional Boaters Refreshment and a lawn chair, and pick a good vantage point next to a busy boat ramp on a summer day.  You’ll be greatly entertained as you watch married couples nearing divorce and observe good buddies challenging the bonds of their friendships.

Earthsports posted a good article that may help you avoid the boat ramp stress.

Don’t even think about backing in a perfectly straight line—this is nearly impossible. Instead, try for shallow, slow, tiny S-turns as you back, which keep the trailer more or less on course.

Read the full article here.


  1. cofisher

    Oh the funny stories I could tell when I got my first and only boat. As a matter of fact I have a hard enough time maneuvering in my float tube.

    • Kirk Werner

      We had a recreational boat for a few years and I only recall one stressful incident at the ramp. But we sold it to preserve our marriage. Now I am boatless but I’m pretty good at backing other people’s trailers in a time of need. But I’m even better at dishing our helpful criticism when they’re struggling.

  2. coyote luke

    I greatly enjoy watching people struggle to do simple tasks.

  3. chuck

    This is a lesson for life! You gotta practice before you show up at the public ramp on a busy weekend! Why would ya want to impose on everyone else and embarrass your family in public? If ya show up at a big lake on labor day and ya can’t back the truck in between two other trucks at the ramp ya deserve to be killed on the spot! Ha!

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