Lady and gentleman, we have a winner!

The Unaccomplished Angler is pleased to announce the winner of the giveaway contest iPhone 3 trout skin case by Montana Fly Company, and the winner is…Joe.
Joe’s entry, which was randomly selected by the accounting firm of Werner & Werner, clearly indicated a man who needed this iPhone cover:
I have an iPhone 3g. My wife and kids used to think I am crazy because of the fly reel ring tones I have installed. They are getting over that so I need something else to help maintain my reputation.
After I informed Joe that he was the winner, he wrote back:
I never win anything so this is exciting.

Yes it is, Joe. I know what it’s like to never win anything, so when one does happen upon a little luck, it feels good.

Joe probably thought all he had to do was provide me with his mailing address and he’d be done.  Well, not so fast Mr. Freeloader! First, he had to engage me in a bit of informational conversation as I posed a couple of questions to him.

I asked Joe how he came to discover the Unaccomplished Angler. I’m always curious about how people find this place:

I found the Unaccomplished Angler through a link on another fishing blog (I can’t remember which one).  I look at some and never go back, others I go back to for the perspective on fishing, life, and humor.  UA is one I go back to.  Keep up the great work.

Flattery will get you everywhere, Joe. I appreciate the good word, and thanks for coming back to this blog.
Next I asked Joe a little bit about himself as a fly angling person. It’s nice to get to know readers of the blog, in a virtual sort of way anyhow:
I am a middle-aged fly angler (at least I used to be).  My experience is far less than the sum of my years.  I come in and out of the sport as other commitments and interests compete for my time.  My favorite fishing is in small mountain streams.  We have those and tailwater streams in North Georgia.  I stubbornly start each day fishing with dry flies until I decide it is time to catch fish.  Mostly I enjoy being on the stream; catching trout is a bonus.
Sounds like we may be kindred spirits, Joe, except that I’m still middle-aged. Or at least I think I am.
I’ve also been fortunate to have had a couple of chances to fish for bonefish in Abaco, Bahamas.  I’d like to do more of that.
Careful, Joe. Nobody likes a braggart.
Now that the kids are grown I hope to have more time for vacations focused on fishing rather than trying to sneak in a day.  I’m looking at something out west this summer.
Go west, young man. Just don’t go too far west. I recommend you stop before you get as far as Washington. Idaho has some nice waters for trouts, and of course there’s that place called Montana which I’ve heard is OK, too.
Thanks again,
Thank YOU, Joe


  1. cofisher

    Hey, congratulations Joe! I hope you enjoy my iphone cover. It’s very cool. I thought that when UA personally threw my hat in the ring (even though I don’t have an iphone) that I had a pretty good chance of waltzing off into the sunset with it. Now I’m just waltzing off into the sunset.

    • Kirk Werner

      Howard, I tried to cheat and pull just your name from the hat, but my partner at Werner & Werner said I had to be fair and objective by holding a truly random drawing…

  2. cofisher

    I forgive you Kirk, Joe’s a nice guy and deserves it.

  3. chuck

    I’d like to hear Joe talk about northern Georgia as I am in Atalanta for seven weeks getting radiation treatment for prostate cancer – I have a lot of spare time when my energy allows!

    Hook me up!

    • Kirk Werner

      Dang, Chuck- sorry to hear that you’re having to go through that. No doubt you’ll emerge victorious in your battle. Good thoughts your way- I’ll hook you up with Joe for some Georgia fishing intel. Take care…

    • Joe


      Good luck with your treatments. I would be happy to talk to you about north Georgia and to steer you to others who know way more than me. Kirk was going to send you my email address. Don’t hesitate to contact me.


  4. Kev

    Nice skin, congrats Joe. Great blog by the way.

    • Kirk Werner

      Hey Kev,

      Thanks for stopping by and for the good word.

  5. Dan F

    Kirk, Don’t give Joe the cover until we find out where to get the fly reel ring tones!

    And Joe, get hold of our club when you’re interested in fishing N Idaho. Congrats!

    • Kirk Werner

      Dan, we already know where to get the ringtones as Joe coughed up that info in the comments section from that blog post: Nautilus Reels has them on their website- got me one already downloaded. The problem is my phone doesn’t ring much so I don’t get to hear the sound of line tearing from the reel often enough. It’s painfully akin to when I go fishing…

      • Dan F

        Hmm, I was just going to write that my phone doesn’t ring much either and there it goes! I’ll find the ring tone and get my daughter to put it on for me.

        BTW, the daughter, a trained hair stylist, thought I was crazy when I told her about the hackle hair extensions. Saw them the other night. Now I’m going to lock up my nice Whiting saddles! (or sell them at a obscene mark up)

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