Get your Kype on!

For several years the UA has been pleased to offer a direct link to the latest edition Kype magazine, an online publication now under the jurisdiction of Aileen Lane, who is also the owner of MKFlies and a partner in The Old Guy’s Flies. She’s a rather busy person with a passion for all things fly fishing.

There may be an article by the UA featured in the latest issue, but don’t let that deter you. Show Aileen some love—click on over and check out the latest edition of Kype.

Look in the right sidebar. In technical-speak those images are called ‘widgets’. Click on the Kype widget. I’ve included a technical schematic below to help you navigate the confusing interface.





  1. Aileen Lane

    Thanks for the user-friendly instructions. I shall widget.

    • Kirk Werner

      Wow, my first comment on this post! Probably my only comment on this post. So, thanks for that 😉

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