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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on the UA.

That could be due to any number of factors: lack of fishing and therefore fodder for scribing, lack of inspiration, too busy to take the time to post anything, etc. Whatever the case may be, I figured I better post something new, exciting and different.

Let’s talk about logos. Fly fishing logos, to be precise. I have designed a good number of logos for all manner of businesses over the past many years, and every once in a great while I get a chance to design a logo that pertains to fly fishing. When that happens it’s like getting paid to play.

I recently was privileged with the task of creating a new logo for John Hicks, a good man who is the shop keeper at Sea Run Pursuits, a guiding outfit here in the great state of Washington. John is a passionate angler of sea run (anadromous) rainbow trouts, also known as steelhead. Here is his new logo:



That got me to thinking so I decided to dig up all (or at least most) of the fly fishing related logos I’ve done and showcase them here.  Many are on my portfolio (Itchy Dog Productions)  website but I’ve not been diligent about updating that page. I also post project examples on my Itchy Dog Productions Facebook page from time to time.

Here are a few others.


OldGuysFlies_logoOld Guys Flies.  Tiny, High visibility (normally that would be mutually exclusive but not in this case) flies for those with challenged eyesight. These flies are a division of MK Flies, for whom I also did a logo, which makes for a good segue…


MKFlies-logoMK Flies is the home of the very talented tier of flies, Aileen Lane. Stop by and give her site a look.


EmergingRivers-logoEmerging Rivers Guide Services is owned by 2011 Orvis guide of the Year, Derek Young. Derek’s home water is the Yakima River, in central Washington. In addition to being a great guide, Derek is a passionate conservationist. He started and is currently president of the Yakima Headwaters chapter of Trout Unlimited.



Evolution Anglers is the website for Joe Willauer, longtime trout and steelhead guide with whom I’ve fished many times. He’s now a self-professed “hobby guide” because he traded in his waders for a suit and tie (or at least business casual).  But Joe can still be found on the oars in rivers around Twin Bridges, Montana.



Exterus Outdoor Development is the soft goods brand of Allen Fly Fishing. I used to know a guy who worked there but he doesn’t work there any more. I still know another guy who works there, though.



Mystic Waters Fly Fishing is a Kenai River (that’s in Alaska) outfitting company owned by Fred Telleen and Stacy Corbin. Salmon and ginormous Alaskan rainbow trout are the game when they’re not in Montana during the off season. They also have a Facebook Page.


OpenFly-LogoThe Open Fly Podcast. If you read my last UA blog post you know that the Open Fly is now closed. But don’t let that deter you from listening to the archived shows.


Outdooress-logoAh yes, the Outdooress. Remember her? At one time it was a very popular blog kept my the Outdooress herself, Rebecca Garlock. Don’t know where exactly she ran off to, but she is missed. She must be paying her hosting fees, however, because the site is still up and running.



Up the Poudre is another blog whose shopkeeper continues to pay the bills but hasn’t been seen in years. Too bad, too. Sanders was a splendid scriber of words and his thoughts were always engaging. I hope Sanders, and his bulldogs, are well.



ROAM Outfitters is a Bozeman based guide and outfitter owned by Brett Seng. I don’t see a ROAM Outfitters website where you can book a trip, but you can find Brett elsewhere, such as through ShuttleSnap or Brett Seng Photography.



The Sandy River Spey Clave takes place every year in Oregon. In 2014 I designed the logo for the annual event.


ScandalousSticks-logoScandalous Sticks is (or was?) a custom rod building business owned by Stephen Vance of Idaho. For some odd reason, the website is in Japanese, which makes me think that Mr. Vance no longer owns the url so I’m not posting a link to it here. I don’t even know if he’s still building custom rods, which would be too bad if he isn’t.


SteelheadFlyAnglers-logoSteelhead Fly Anglers was a guide business owned by Brian Paige of western Washington. Brian still fishes, but he has a full time job that keeps him from guiding any more. He’s a great angler and teacher, and I’ll forever be indebted to him for learning me how to Spey cast and putting me on my first wild steelhead on the Sauk River years ago, when you could still fish the Sauk during the early spring season.


TumbleweedFly&Tackle-logoTumbleweed Fly and Tackle is a retail shop in Prewitt, New Mexico owned and operated by David Goodrich. He didn’t always live in NM and fish for Muskies in Bluewater Lake, but he does now. Next time you’re in Prewitt, look him up. Where the hell is Prewitt, anway?


OK, time to get serious about fishing. The Rangers set out for their annual Yellowstone trip in about a month. I better start packing.


  1. Mike Sepelak

    Your opening line and ensuing paragraph could easily be lifted and posted on my blog. It’s been slim pickin’s there too. And I’ve toyed with the idea of creating a logo but haven’t a clue as to what elements it should include. An empty beer bottle and an emptier Brodin seem most appropriate.

    Looking forward to this year’s Ranger tales.

    • Kirk Werner

      How about a black hole for a logo? While it might, on the surface, appear to be nothing (or a large void), in reality it is limitless, like a bottomless pit? Maybe not. Go fishing—that’ll cure whatever ails ya. I’m eager to do the same.

  2. Howard Levett

    No matter what I’ve said to you publicly or privately, you’re still a master at whatever it is you do Kirk. I still think the UA logo is one of the best although there are some well known logos posted here. (no jokes outta me this time.)

    • Kirk Werner

      Gee, thanks, Howard. I think that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to, or about me. And that makes me uncomfortable, so back to your old ways…Seriously though, thank you for the kind words. Now be gone with you!

  3. Matthew

    This is great stuff! I’ve long considered myself a logo nerd for all things sports and fishing.
    I really dig your design work, and it is always cool to have the designer give a little bit of insight into what they’ve done.

    • Kirk Werner

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate the good word as well. Insight is what logos are all about!

  4. Michael Agneta

    Had no idea you were responsible (in a good way) for all of those logos. Your thoughts on Sanders are spot on.

  5. Carol

    If you were hoping to drum up some business, I might just have some logo work for you. Our small chapter of TU needs a logo. We just lost gold medal status on our local river (deservedly so). The fisheries biologist thinks the decline in the fishery is due to a lack of nutrients. Go figure. Anyway, our chapter is meager, the fishing is paltry, and the nutrients are insufficient. Surely we could come up with a logo that befits that and makes us proud. I can think of no better person than you.

    • Kirk Werner

      Carol, sorry that your local river has fallen from grace…hopefully something can be done to address the issues. Maybe get a large, coldwater conservation group involved? I know of an organization that does this type of work for the benefit of trout. Which makes for a fine segue to the matter of your TU chapter logo. I’d be happy to kick it around, but bear in mind TU likes chapters to stay close to the national logo:

      • Carol

        Yep, TU does like us to stay close to the national logo, but we’d like to embellish it with our chapter name. If only we could incorporate something more amusing. Being that we’re at >9,000′ in elevation, I was thinking “Gore Range Anglers Fly High.” However many of our members live in Breckenridge, so I don’t think that would go over well with national. The idea cracked me up, though.

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