Elk Hair on my mind

Mention “elk hair” to a fly angling person and chances are they’ll have images of caddis patterns dancing in their heads.

Well, not me.

Not this time.

For now anyway, elk hair conjures up images of Idaho. Private land. A 3 day window of opportunity to tag a cow or branch-antlered bull. The rut is on, and I’ll be stalking the woods accompanied by a couple of good buddies with whom I fished earlier this year.

Hunting, like fishing, is seldom a slam-dunk guarantee of success, but with the afore-mentioned in my favor, the odds of coming home empty-handed would require a person of true Unaccomplishedness. In years past I’ve half-jokingly told Mrs. UA, “I need to go hunting to feed the family.” And in years past I’ve done a rather poor job of providing for the family in that regard. But this time is different. With the imminent meltdown of the world economy, we had better all think about stocking our cellars with canned fruits and vegetables; our freezers with meat. And stockpiling plenty of ammunition to defend what is ours. This time I really do need to go hunting.

Stay tuned to find out just how bad of a shot I am.


  1. Patrick

    Good luck, Kirk! Dibs on some elk hair, assuming a shot is taken and your aim is true. And just let us know when you’ll be barbecuing up some elk steak. I’m sure I’ll be in town visiting my folks just down the road.

    • Kirk Werner

      Luck, as opposed to skill, will have everything to do with it, so I appreciate the wishes for good luck. Stay tuned for that which may result in elk hair and steaks…and be sure to let me know when next you’re in town.

  2. Sanders

    I just hope that you harvest the elk hair off of an elk that came from pulling the trigger…not elk hair that may have been scraped off the grill of the fish taco 🙂

    Good luck…and happy hunting!

    • Kirk Werner

      Thank you, Sanders- I also hope for that which you said. I’m afraid the physical differences between an elk and a deer (such as I encountered in Montana this summer), might make for less favorable results with regard to the Fish Taco. Fingers crossed and foot hovering over the break pedal….

  3. Clif

    Unaccomplished Aimer?

    Good thing you make up for that with excessive amounts of canon gun powder.

    • Clif

      What? I can’t pull out strikethrough in your comments? Of all people….

      Imagine “canon” above has a line through it.

      • Kirk Werner

        There, I fixed it fer ya 😉

    • Kirk Werner

      I am a fair shot at best, even when my gun is perched atop sand bags on the range table, and I am not influenced by things such as intended quarry standing atop a ridgeline 300 yards away with a strong cross wind. Sounds like I’m already making excuses for having missed a shot, eh?

      • Patrick

        The Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared,” and I do belive that can apply to excuses just as well.

        • Kirk Werner

          Without question, you speak true words. Having been a Scout, I am always prepared with an excuse.

  4. cofisher

    If you ever come to Colorado to hunt, give me at least a few days warning to get my family out…other than that…good luck.

    • Kirk Werner

      Don’t confuse my being a poor shot with being careless, Howard- we don’t need those types of rumors making the rounds. I may miss what I’m aiming at, but I always err on the side of caution and won’t take a shot unless I know what’s behind the intended target. Then again, my eyesight ain’t what it used to be neither…

  5. Harry

    Hope you get a nice easy broadside shot at under 100 yds! Even an Unaccomplished Hunter should be able to handle that with a 7 mm.

    • Kirk Werner

      Wishful thinking, Harry. My buddy who’s been scouting the area has seen critters no closer than 200 yards, and some nice bulls at 300. Even at those distances the old Savage is capable of the shot. The old UA not so much. I’ll hope for the >100 yd shot, broadside, with good light and no crosswind.

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