Dangerous Wading with The Bachelor

I don’t watch “The Bachelor” on TV so I would not have known about this if not for some impressive internet sleuthing on the part of Montana Fly Company’s Facebook page. Apparently Ben Flajnik (the guy who is The Bachelor) grew up in a fishing family so he took his harem to a lake near Park City, Utah for a group date and they did a bit of angling. You can read the riveting story here if so inclined.

I suppose there are worse places The Bachelor could have taken his gaggle of gals. But as much as I approve of fly fishing as a wholesome activity for anyone, there’s something wrong with this picture: Where are their wading belts?! Not only is it unsafe to be wading perilous waters without their belts, but wading belts offer a slimming effect.

And I believe PBR in cans would have been more appropriate than whatever they’re drinking out of their fancy glasses, not to mention that glass is to be discouraged when fishing. Glassware, that is- not glass fly rods. I don’t want to get in trouble with Cameron Mortenson over at the Fiberglass Manifesto.



  1. Will K

    I made my wife replay this part of the episode and noticed the same thing. Then, near the end, I saw Ben’s belt dangling down in the back.

    No belt…no rose.

    • Kirk Werner

      So what you’re saying, Will, is that you watched the Bachelor. That’s all we needed to hear 😉

      • The River Damsel

        Gotcha, Will!!! : )

        • Will K

          I Uhh..with my wife and uhh the fly fishing came on. Um I saw the fly fishing and uhh…


  2. Sanders

    I agree, PBR would have had a more realistic tone for the outing than the tall glasses of Chardonnay (or whatever drink) that these ladies were pounding…oh, and as far as the belts go…didn’t you know, that it’s much sexier to look like you are wearing a one of a kind pair of “Ben Flajnik signature wine barrel waders”, instead of something that might actually reveal the shapely female form. This show after all, is meant to be done in the spirit of love. Something you obviously missed as these girls skied down the streets of San Francisco in bikinis, it was one hot mess I might add…I for one, am for all women fly fishers to ditch the belts, and jump into the new “beer barrel” waders from Simms. Where style forgets function.

    • Kirk Werner

      Oh, now Sanders– you’re just being darn silly. Ben Flajnik Wine Barrel Waders. I’m just so sure.
      Actually I rather like that. I’m gonna go have a Chardonnay and think about it.

  3. Tim Foster

    He probably convinced them it was ok for him to not wear a condom either.

    • Kirk Werner

      I wouldn’t know anything about that, Tim, but you may be right. Let’s hope better discretion was used in certain instances other than at the water’s edge. To clarify: breathable, non-rubber waders; non-breathable, rubber condoms. Check.

  4. Mysticfish

    The only thing dangerous about this scene is the Drunk Chick wielding the knife. What’s that about? Stocker sashimi? Now that’s dangerous.

    • Kirk Werner

      I noticed that too, Fred. She may have been urging him not to give her the boot later in the show.

  5. The River Damsel

    Doesn’t “catch and release” count for the fish either???? ; )

    • Will K

      No kidding! Flinging that dead fish around like a zucchini.

    • Kirk Werner

      My guess is they’re pond monkey trouts, put there to be bonked. I’m sure they took the fish home and fired them up in a pan.

  6. cofisher49

    I wouldn’t kick any of the ladies out of, ummm…coming honey.

    • Kirk Werner

      Easy there big fella!

  7. Roderick Hawg-Brown

    Why didn’t that pretty boy take those dames out to my river for a little sport? I’d have shown them some Hawg Brown love.

    • Kirk Werner

      You’re an ass. Crawl back under your cut bank and leave us the hell alone.

  8. Patrick

    Does this wading belt make me look fat?

    It must be a trend in Hollywood: Joan Rivers is the latest “celebrity” to fall in while attempting to fly fish on her daughter’s reality show, without a wading belt in view. (How does Melissa Rivers even deserve a reality show?) The gory details – it’s like a train wreck you can’t look away from – can be found here: http://ow.ly/95vC2.

    • Kirk Werner

      I feel better knowing that Joan is alright after her tumble. But it’s really not a laughing matter- she’s getting on in years and could have broken a hip.

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