A letter to Dick


Seriously, I found this graphic on the internet.


I recently received an email from a reader. The email said:


Are you guys off fishing? Haven’t seen anything in a while.



Thanks for caring enough to write. To answer your question, no—neither myself nor any of my compadres have been fishing since our trip to Idaho in July. It’s sad, really, to admit that, but for me it was a really busy summer that went by faster than normal. What with the few weekends we have here in the Pacific Northwest (typically we consider summer to encompass July and August, which equates to 8 weekends), summer always goes by fast. But this year seemed more hectic than normal. Weddings, social engagements, a couple weekend day hikes here and there, yadda yadda yadda. All of a sudden, summer was  gone without so much as wetting a line.

The past two years the Rangers have done Fall trips: to Fernie, BC two years ago where we fished the Elk and Michele Creek (read aboot that trip here, here and here); to Columbia Falls,  MT last year to fish the South and Middle Forks of the Flathead (read about that here, here, here, here and here). We were planning to do another trip this Fall, but before we could agree on a destination, Goose, Nash and Marck proclaimed their inability lack of testicular fortitude and dedication to make the trip.

The good news is that Jimmy, Morris and I are headed back to Idaho later this month, and looking forward to seeing one of our favorite places under a different seasonal light. There’ll be a chill in the air—perhaps even frost in the morning. Wet wading will likely be out of the question, the fire danger should be a non-issue so we can gather round a good fire at night, and hopefully the trouts will be eating October caddis. And hopefully no rain like we’ve gotten the past two trips in July. I’ll let you know how it went.

Anyway, I wish you hadn’t had to write and inquire—it means you’re bored and I haven’t been fishing enough.

I’m sorry it it had to come to this.



  1. Howard Levett

    Dear Dick, uh…I mean Kirk. Some of us readers thought that perhaps you went out and found a real job. Anyway, I’m glad you’ve got a great sounding trip coming up.

    • Kirk Werner

      I’ve been called worse, Howard (I’m sure that comes as little surprise to you). Rest assured I did nothing so irrational as going out and getting a real job. No, I maintain my unreal job, which allows for a lot more time to not go fishing. Cheers, amigo.

  2. Carol

    Sometimes fishing is not the top priority. I know I know. I shouldn’t have said that. Lord (of the flies) forgive me for uttering such blasphemy. Hope your Fall pilgrimage to chilly water and ornery Browns is fruitful.

    • Kirk Werner

      You know, Carol, there was a time when, if I wasn’t fishing, I was thinking about fishing. Nowadays I spend a lot less time fishing, and less time thinking about fishing, though I still think about it regularly. I guess that’s part of the maturation aging process. There won’t be any ornery, spawning browns where we go, but hopefully the cutthroats will be eager to take our artificial offerings as they gorge ahead of winter. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Mark

    Dear UA,
    do not make any excuses, you Sir are a damn free man, you have a damn right to go fishing when you want and where to you want, and all rude questions referring – angling intensity, private live, job, and so on are rude. However I would like to now how Mrs. UA is doing, but I don’t dare to ask : )
    Keep the line tide, dogs are barking but the life voyage is still on : )

    • Kirk Werner

      I don’t believe Dick was being rude—just wondering why I hadn’t posted in a while. I’m just glad someone actually reads my blog from time to time! Mrs. UA used to show support by reading on a regular basis, but not even she reads it any more 🙂 Cheers!

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