A contest: win a FREE Fishpond Nimbus Guide Pack

Water bottles not included.

The headline is perhaps a bit misleading so I feel as though I should clarify: Yes, you can win a Fishpond Nimbus Guide Pack, but it’s not free.

Not exactly.

If you read my review of the pack, you will see that an UA sticker is required in order to enter the contest. The stickers cost $3.50 and you can get them right HERE.



  • Place your UA sticker on your vehicle or vessel: car, truck, SUV, rock-crawler, soccer mom van, boat, bicycle, motorcycle, Radio Flyer wagon or other mode of terrestrial or aquatic transportation.
  • Snap a photo that shows the sticker in place (remember, creativity can influence the vote)
  • “Like” and then post the photo to the Unaccomplished Angler Facebook page
  • If you have yet to order your sticker you best act fast because the deadline for entries is March 1st.
  • On March 1st I will place all photo entries into an album and open the contest for likes/comments. Because I lack the integrity to fairly judge, the people will decide: the photo with the most “likes” wins.
  • On March 6th I will declare the winner.
  • On March 7th I will ship the Fishpond Nimbus Guide Pack to the winner
  • Upon receiving the  pack, winner will be on Cloud Nine.



  1. Deb P.

    Thanks for the great giveaway! Livelihood gear! Ordered a couple of stickers, this should be a fun contest! Cheers – Deb

    • Kirk Werner

      Thanks for playing along and good luck to you!

  2. kettlefisher

    Order is in for the stickers. When I get them the pic will be done.


    • Kirk Werner

      Thanks, Bud- stickers headed north!

  3. Sanders

    I think Rex might have to make an appearance in the pic…

    • Kirk Werner

      I shall eagerly await the results! Apologies in advance to Rex for having to put up with this!

  4. Kevin Breen

    Well then, Kirk…hope I have a chance…so far from fishing (BOOHOO), and so in need of a nice Fishpond (Lower back) Fanny, sling, Guide Pack…to bring with me next month to show off at the “Rendezvous III”.! Really, I will……

  5. Chris

    Do drawings count? lol

    • Kirk Werner

      They count for something, just not this. 😉

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