Into the Fire

As the date quickly approaches for a jaunt to Idaho for a bit of mid-September angling, I thought it prudent to look into the matter of any potential fires burning in the area where we’ll be headed. Since fire season is particularly bad this year all across Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon, the likelihood of a burn in the general vicinity of our destination seemed likely.

My hunch was correct.

A fire known as the Buck Fire in Idaho has been burning since August 7th. It’s currently 1265 acres and is 25% contained and is actively burning in a north-northeast direction. There are 10 personnel assigned to fighting this particular burn. The fire itself is a considerable distance away from where we will be, but the extended closure boundary is the width of the river away from the Forest Service Road we’ll take to get to the campground. A phone call to the Ranger District office confirmed that this is the case. If they move that boundary line 150 feet further north, we’ll have to alter our plans.

A detailed map of the fire closure boundary.

A detailed map of the fire closure boundary.

We’ve had significant rain events the past two summers when we’ve visited our favorite Idaho Panhandle River. There is no precipitation in the forecast this year. There will be no campfires this year, that is a given. Instead, we’ll sit around an LED lantern when the sun goes down.

Needless to say fire season is bad this year. Even western Washington has had several days of thick smoke and ash fallout from fires burning to the north, east, and southeast. Good thoughts to all those fighting  fires–stay safe out there.

Hopefully I’ll report back in a week or so with tales of many large cutthroat trouts that made poor decisions.

5 thoughts on “Into the Fire”

  1. Jeff Holberg says:

    You may need to swap your rig for a fire truck! Sure hope the fire season ends soon!

    1. Kirk Werner says:

      Yeah, it’s bad up here, for sure. At least where we’re going it’s a dead-end road: one way in, one way out. Oh, wait…

  2. Are you crazy? Never mind, I answered my own question! Stay safe buddy.

    1. Kirk Werner says:

      Glad we cleared that up. My wife insists I go forth, despite tinder dry conditions. She doesn’t seem the least bit worried for my safety. Hmmm…

      1. Mark says:

        Risky business, I hope you are adult enough to sneak away from the fire , take a close look at your beloved spouse : )

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