The results of a little giveaway

Last week after posting my review of the Anti Duffel Trout Edition by Launch Bag, I held a little contest on the Unaccomplished Angler Facebook page. It was quite simple, or so I thought.  I figured people would easily follow the instructions and I would have several people vying for the prize.

Pretty simple, right?
Pretty simple, right?

Facebook sucks, and limits the reach of “page” posts unless the page owner is willing to spend money to “boost” the reach. I, of course, am unwilling to give Facebook my money because I am not selling anything here at the UA. In fact, in my assessment, Facebook should pay me for providing rich content. But I digress.

Several people copied the link to the review and pasted that to their timelines, but that was not the instructions. The instructions were to share the post from the UA FB page. Sharing the page from which the post originates promotes that page. Simply copying and pasting the link does nothing to promote the FB page. Only 3 did this correctly.

Next in the instructions, when sharing the page post people were to include the verbiage, “The Unaccomplished Angler is wise and influential. Help me win this cool wader bag by liking this.”  Of the 3 that successfully completed the first step, 2 performed this second step correctly.

That left only two candidates. From those two playas I tallied the total likes on their posts and a winner was declared accordingly.

Fly Fishing Army: 0 likes. I’m not sure if that low number reflects poorly on the Unaccomplished Angler or the Fly Fishing Army.

Sandy Chin: 13 likes. 13 is an unlucky number, but in this case it was lucky enough to win you a wader bag.

Congrats, Sandy, and thanks to all who played along, even if most of you didn’t pay close attention to the details.



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