The Open Fly Podcast, Show 9

Aquatic invasive species is a topic every angler should be keenly aware of, and on Show 9 of the Open Fly Podcast you’ll learn some good things including the proper way to clean your boots to prevent the spread of alien organisms. Bleach is out, water is in. Dry them thoroughly or put them in the freezer overnight.  But don’t take my word for it, hear Bob Wiltshire, Executive Director of the Invasive Species Action Network  and staff member of the Clean Angling Coalition. Bob is extremely well versed on the topic and you WILL learn something from listening to the show, despite what you may have come to believe  if you’ve listened to previous shows.

In our Guide Stories segment Derek crosses the continent to bring you The Average Angler, Colin Archer. Colin is an Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing guide who calls the Jersey Shore and Upper Delaware River his home waters. Colin talks about fishing for striped bass and a variety of other salt water species, as well as freshwater trout angling.  Colin is also a professional photographer so be sure to check out his website:

As always, please donate to the conservation group of the day, send us proof of your donation and we’ll enter you into a raffle to win some seriously good stuff from our sponsor, Allen Fly Fishing

2 thoughts on “The Open Fly Podcast, Show 9”

  1. deanwo says:

    Hey Kirk,
    Really am enjoying the podcasts. Glad you, Evan and Derek are committed to this.

    I haven’t listened to Episode 9 yet, but wanted to know when the deadline is for the Open Fly Podcast fly entries (i.e. when will the first Episode in April be recorded).


    1. Kirk Werner says:

      Dean, thanks for the good word. We think this is worth doing or I reckon we wouldn’t be doing it! We’re recording show 10 next Monday, but not sure when it will post or even if that will be the first April show. You may have more time, although I’m not sure. To be sure, start tying…NOW!

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