Duvall has it all: Except for a fish hatchery

10 thoughts on “Duvall has it all: Except for a fish hatchery”

  1. Chuck Atkins says:

    It all makes perfect sense to me. Americans are gluttons for…….well, everything! WE have steelhead and salmon but that’s not enough. WE gotta have brown trout too! While I am not adverse to catching a nice brown I think it means a lot more if ya gotta travel and sacrifice to get one……like going to Europe!

    Here in the Great Lakes we had naturally just the Lake Trout. Then we added several species of salmon, steelhead and huge Seeforellon , brown trout. Oh, don’t forget the Splake! So, now we’re inviting an ecological collapse and the Asian Carp are comming!

    There are no more smelt and perch populations have plummeted. Yep, all those big fish gotta eat something. Who knew? Ha! WE are idiots…..and we will end up with a big shit hole eventually! For the want of a nail……….

    1. Kirk Werner says:

      Chuck, I think you’re missing the point of the article. It’s not about Brown trout or invasive, non-native species altogether. It’s about FART.But I would agree with your assessment about gluttony in American. We need a moratorium.

      1. Chuck Atkins says:

        99% of fish art is not worth mentioning. That’s why Fart is a good term. Bad art should be ephemeral. It should dissipate into nothingness! Even it it does dissolve like crap in a pristine river….it has still polluted the mind with damaging memories that can never be filtered! Ha! And yeah, it always stinks! Deyoung is the worst. He is the Leroy Neiman of FART!

        1. Kirk Werner says:

          But really, Chuck, how do you REALLY feel about it? 😉

  2. Derek Young says:

    I think I’m actually older than DeYoung, does that make me an old FARTist?

    1. Kirk Werner says:

      Perhaps in a relative sense. But there is always an even older FARTist to take the glory.

  3. I’m glad I was finally able to read this masterpiece of Fart and Literature. Thanks Kirk for the $hitty post!

    1. Kirk Werner says:

      Always a pleasure to have you stop by and talk sh#t, Howard.

  4. Brad Rorem says:

    What a joy to come across such a fine piece of writing (S..terature?) from an artist who started his career designing tee-shirt art (T-Shart?) for his wrestling team. I would never question any law or regulation that leads to funding for the arts, but doesn’t the presence of the metal Brown relate, in part, to the requirement that all public works “shall spend” some specified percentage on art? I’m guessing the artist prepared all of his FART and submitted his invoice, only to be told he had fallen short of the required budgetary expenditure. So he had to go back and produce one more piece of FART. (He had produced a stringer, but that wasn’t enough to fill the pot.) So he produced the Brown in protest to FART composition (decomposition?) being dictated by bureaucrats. Otherwise, I’m certain he would have produced a metal depiction of the obvious choice in the FART world: the Whitefish. Though underappreciated and underangled, the Whitefish is native to our waters and is a sucker for a Turd.

    1. Kirk Werner says:

      Good to hear from your Mr. Rorem. You raise many interesting points and offer forth some exceptional observations. However, your sanity is in question given that you A) Read this drivel; and B) Spent the time to post such a lengthy comment.

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