Lefty Kreh declares “Tenkara is cool!”

Forgive the headline–it was a shameful act intended for no other reason than to get your attention. Ahem. Lefty Kreh actually said that Tenkara is a fad.

I personally don’t have any strong feelings about Tenkara, period. Fad or not, it is what is is. However, there’s been a great deal of buzz throughout the fly fishing world this past week with regard to what the legendary Lefty Kreh said about Tenkara. Anyone with a website that doesn’t feature the words, “Lefty Kreh Tenkara fad” is missing out on some great Google Analytics opportunities. All the kids are doing it:

Windknots & Tangled Lines
Field and Stream
Fontinalis Rising
Roderick Hawg-Brown
Eat More Brook Trout
Owl Jones
Mystic Waters
 (a shamefully late entry, posted even after the UA went to press, for no other reason than to get some Google love)

So, count me in.  While perhaps a bit late, I’ll jump on that bandwagon. And I’ve even got some pictures, of Lefty Kreh, Tenkara, and “only a fad”! I want some of those hits, if there are any leftovers 😉

lefty kreh tenkara is a fad


18 thoughts on “Lefty Kreh declares “Tenkara is cool!””

  1. Derek Young says:

    Et tu, UA? Shameless….

    1. Kirk Werner says:

      It’s nearly unthinkable, isn’t it? I feel bad, almost.

  2. Derek Young says:

    The plain truth is just this – without a reel, you’re limited to how far a hooked fish can “run” on your fly, which is part of the joy of it all. That being said, and I’ve said it before, Tenk (drink!) -ara is a revered method of fishing, and has it’s place. Good for beginners, small streams, small fish. To some, that’s their cup of tea. So, a limited application with a boutique following can be fad-like.

    1. Kirk Werner says:

      Word. And I like to see my backing. How can I see my backing if I have no reel? Actually, I never see my backing, but there is comfort in knowing that it’s there, just in case.

    2. Colin Bruner says:

      Don’t leave out us reservoir, lake, warm water river and farm pond folk. We Southern boys love Tenkara! I’ll give up that rare 10 lb bass that breaks off cuz I just caught two of his 3 lb brothers. His small mouth cousin’s not safe either. And “Iwana” talk about stringers full of Bluegill and Crappie too. Catch and release to the grease! Great fishin from the kayak. Who wants to stand in running water all the time? Check out for some winner flies that work fine on the Tenkara anywhere Southeast of you tree huggers of the Rockies, Cascades, et al. 😉 (Having serious fun with you.)

  3. Patrick says:

    A little bit of SEO whoring, huh? I may have to give it a try; there’s this small stream about 11 miles from the cabin, out a Forest Service road, with plenty o’ wild rainbows willing to play. Even better, it won’t have to worry about casting too far. ‘Course you know, being a not-so-young guy, by the time I try it, you can be assured that the fad will have long passed.

    1. Kirk Werner says:

      At least if you leave your reel behind, it won’t matter. Not like I’ve ever done that before. Whoring, I’m just so sure…

  4. cofisher says:

    Ok, if anyone reads my post you’ll see that the headline is This post is not about Tenkara. I’m tired of it already and suggest that Lefty and Daniel have a duel with fly rod and Tenkara. My only reference to the T word. No glory seeking here. I didn’t even put any keywords in for folks to find.

    LOL, Patrick said whoring…

    1. Kirk Werner says:

      Howard, that’s not the point. Your entry contains the vital words: “Tenkara” and “Lefty Kreh”. Google will find them, and that’s all that matters. You were doing nothing more than shamelessly seeking residual hits on your website and you should be ashamed of yourself–where is journalistic integrity these days? 😉

  5. Maybe Lefty Kreh is just a fad…? or I at least that silly hat of his is.. I hope…

    1. Kirk Werner says:

      Resistance is futile, Brad…embrace the hat. Get one.

  6. Fred Telleen says:

    You should not put words in Lefty’s mouth, but I like the angle of your dangle. oops…Howard is probably going to laugh at that one… anyway, because I am still a kid, I’m trying your analyatics angle and riding on the band wagon. Tenkara…Tenkara…

    1. Kirk Werner says:

      You’re absolutely right, Fred. I officially retract the statement. Lefty Kreh…Lefty Kreh…
      Oh, and by the way- nice job. You’re already showing up in the search results!

  7. Sanders says:

    I don’t know that this post was so much shameless as it was a breath of fresh air in the debate…you can’t help it if you see a bump in the stats. you’re just giving us what we want.

    1. Kirk Werner says:

      Well, Sanders, as you probably know by now it’s the policy here at the UA to not take many, if any, things too seriously. It would also appear that it is UA policy to pump essentially worthless Drivel® into the internets. Thank God for blogs with redeeming qualities, such as Up The Poudre and Windknots and Tangled Lines.

  8. cofisher says:

    “Angle of the Dangle.” Catchy isn’t it? Anyway, I stand before you a humbled, shameless man.

    1. Kirk Werner says:

      Angle of the Dangle is rather catchy, and would actually make for a stellar blog title: Maybe I should reserve the domain and sell it to Fred, or you?

  9. Mysticfish says:

    Angle of the dangle © Mystic Waters Inc. is a technical phrase used to describe the position of the fly based on the speed of the current and the mass of the offering. The Urban Dictionary was late to the game. Internet pirating I say.

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