What’s in a name?

It’s time to clear up some confusion.  Recently Kevin, one of 8 faithful followers of this blog, sent me an email containing the photo below and the corresponding inquiry:

Kirk…was driving my own “fish taco” back to Texas from New Mexico, and spotted this….another business venture to supplement your fishing expenses?

My reply to Kevin was as such:

Ah yes, Werner Enterprises. There were 4 branches of the family tree: the trucking Werners; the ladder making Werners; the kayak paddle making Werners and the Unaccomplished Werners. The latter Werners, not to be confused withe ladder Werners, seemed not to fair quite as well as the former three Werners. Then there are the Werners of the Werner’s Wigglers fame, but we don’t talk much about them.

Ironically, or not, I talked about this confusing matter about a year ago. Obviously Kevin missed that entry, so I’ll post a link to it HERE, just to clear up any future confusion.

By the way- nice truck Kevin. Good color, too.

If you see a white Fish Taco that looks like the one below, it’s me—not Kevin. Just wanted to clear that up.

8 thoughts on “What’s in a name?”

  1. cofisher says:

    A friend of mine named Werner (I actually don’t know his first name, if he has one) works as a honcho at a large liquor distributor told me that he thinks you two must be related. He said to tell you that his father had an fling up in Washington during the war with a woman who was short, drank quite a bit and was quite unaccomplished (if you know what I mean). She did however have a child that bears a striking resemblance to you. He said that your half-brother, changed his name to Weiner and moved to NY and became a congressman.

    1. Kirk Werner says:

      Oh Howard, you’re just being silly now. What War? I’d almost believe you except that my mother was very accomplished in everything she did from construction of cabins and canoes to rebuilt car engines. Instead of an apron, her favorite outfit was a pair of automotive coveralls. I made her a mechanic’s creeper in wood shop one year. Gave it to her for Mother’s Day. You shoulda seen the tear it brought to her eye, which she promptly wiped away with a greasy hand.

  2. Sanders says:

    If that’s what a fish taco looks like, my porpoised colored Honda is either a fish nacho, or fish refritos…I’ll let you decide if I ever give the old boy some press.

    The “Unaccomplished” Werner’s aren’t related to any Werner’s in North Dakota are they? I went bird hunting with a Chad Werner last winter, and he seemed to be about the same quality of marksman as me. Very unaccomplished.

    …I’ll tell you the story of the first pheasant I shot later. Needless to say he is resting proudly on the mantle back in MN. I needed the proof. Hopefully people don’t start asking to see replicas of the countless “trout” I’ve been catching…

    1. Kirk Werner says:

      No Werner’s that I know to be part of our clan in N. Dakoota, although to hear of his unaccomplished marksmanship skills makes me think we could very well be related. I’ve got a couple mounted ducks and a goose for the very reason you noted: nobody would believe me if I said I’d actually done it without proof.

  3. jergens says:

    I can see how a ladder business would be successful in your family.

    1. Kirk Werner says:

      Jergens, for the win! But just for the record, I’ve never gonna loan you my waders again. Ever.

  4. Mrs UA says:

    Cofisher–best comment to date!

    1. Kirk Werner says:

      Let’s not encourage Cofisher. It’ll just go to his head.

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