The Happy Fisherman

7 thoughts on “The Happy Fisherman”

  1. derek young says:

    Exhibit A angler appears to be angling for smallmouth, while Exhibit B clearly shows a smiling, if not smug, oncorhynchus of some type. If the jury is out more than four hours, call a Dr.

  2. Noone says:

    Have you been laughed out of the lawyer’s office yet? You have absolutely no case whatsoever. This has to be a joke right?

    1. Kirk Werner says:

      A joke? On the Unaccomplished Angler? That sir, is an outrage!

  3. Chuck says:

    I don’t find it funny either! It’s crass and childish. I don’t find anything funny in your effort to find humor in it either! This is the kind of thing that lowers everyone who participates in it!

    1. Kirk Werner says:

      I agree! I’m not going to belittle myself by commenting on this.

  4. Harry says:

    I have to correct Derek-the fish in exibit A is obviously a sucker. (sorry, but somebody was going to point that out sooner or later-might as well get it out of the way)

    1. Kirk Werner says:

      A sucker? I thought it was a piranha, but I hope I’m wrong.

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