Get your Greenfish gear on, at a discount, and help many

If you look to the right sidebar and scroll down a little ways,  you’ll see a graphic that proudly states that I am a Greenfish Ambassador. No, it doesn’t mean that I have diplomatic privileges in some foreign country, nor does Greenfish have an embassy somewhere. What it does signify is that I like what Greenfish stands for and because of my extensive power of influence in the fly fishing community, and I’ve been granted status as an Ambassador. In that capacity I am not obligated to do anything, but I do stand by the Greenfish mission to support sustainable fisheries. It’s a good deal. They’re a company promoting not only their brand, but conservation. And they have some cool swag, which I own a few pieces of.

Greenfish donates 5% of every sale to a conservation group of your designation:

GreenFish partners with various companies and organizations that we support financially as well as philosophically. Through the “GreenFish Gives” program, each time you buy a product from us you can select one of our partner organizations where you would like 5% of your purchase to be donated. GreenFish then makes a quarterly donation to each of these groups who support our mission based on your purchases. All GreenFish partners share common values: to encourage sustainable fishing as a means of protecting fisheries and the environment while also promoting the sport of recreational fishing.

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase. Because of my esteemed status as a Greenfish Ambassador, I can offer you, the Unaccomplished Angler Nation, an opportunity to purchase Greenfish gear at a 20% discount by simply using this discount code when you place your order: 00145CW.

Yes, there is a benefit to me.

I get 10% of sales that are made using my discount code. However, and this is the key – I am not pocketing that 10%.

I am participating in the Casting 4 A Cure fundraiser in Victor, Idaho in August. Casting 4 A Cure, if you are not aware, is an organization that uses two annual fly fishing events to raise funding for research to find a cure for Rett Syndrome, which is a cruel neurological disorder affecting mostly young girls. You’ve heard me mention, plenty of times, my fishing buddy Marck? Well, I am sponsoring myself and Marck’s participation in this event, trying to raise $4000 for our entry fees. There’s a reason I chose Marck as a my partner- he’s a fishy dude and if we hope to win big in the competition, I need a partner who can catch fish.

So when you place a Greenfish order, you’re contributing to conservation, getting a 20% discount on some sweet swag, kicking 10% my way, which in turn goes directly to Casting 4 a Cure. Pretty cool, eh?

This promotion expires September 1, 2011- but please don’t wait because I need to raise the money for Casting 4 A Cure by the end of June.

Please pass the discount code around to others who you think might be interested, and thanks for your help and support.



3 thoughts on “Get your Greenfish gear on, at a discount, and help many”

  1. cofisher says:

    Hey Kirk, I appreciate what you do and stand for even if you’re unaccomplished. I will be posting tomorrow about Olive’s exploits.

    1. Kirk Werner says:

      Thanks, Howard- you’re a good man!

  2. Fred Telleen says:

    I’d call that a very accomplished post and message Kirk. Bravo!

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